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Good Morning, Kimchi! 【굿모닝, 김치!】
by Sook-ja Yoon
   132 p
   19 x 24 cm / softcover
   12,000 KRW
   English, Japanese, Korean

In part one of Good Morning, Kimchi, readers are taken on an odyssey through the pickled vegetable's theory and history, the science of the dish, along with its many different tastes, the ingredients and utensils needed to make it, and the customs associated with kimchi itself. In part two, facts concerning the reality of making kimchi are introduced before 20 types of traditional kimchi, all using Korean ingredients, are explained, and then 20 different types of fusion kimchi that blend ingredients from around the world with this distinctly Korean staple.

한국전통음식연구소 윤숙자 교수가 풀어내는 우리 김치의 모든 것을 담은 책으로 전통김치 20가지 종류와 퓨전 김치 20가지를 소개하고 있다. 김치의 역사와 분류 및 종류, 김치 재료 고르기, 절이기, 버무리기, 저장 보관법, 조리도구와 저장도구 등에 관한 설명을 담고 있다.

* Also available in Japanese and Korean.
영어판 외 한국어판과 일본어판이 있습니다.
89-7094-449-4 (J) 일본어판
89-7094-448-6 (K) 한국어판

Prof. Yoon Sook-ja
President of Institute of Traditional Korean Food / Tteok Museum
Professor, Department of Traditional Cuisine, Baewha Women's College
Chairperson, National Culinary Professor Association
Examiner & Judge for the National Culinary Examination
Culinary Industrial Technician and Culinary Expert
Culinary Master Examiner

Sook-ja Yoon won her Ph.D. from Dankook University in Nutrition. She has been active in teaching, researhing and propagating Korean cuisine from her early times. She taught at Baewha Women's College and is currently engaged, as the dynamic and energetic director, in operating the Institute of Traditional Korean Food. Besides her busy administrative duties, she is teaching students in both the Continuing Education Division and the Credit Bank Division for Bachelor's Degree attached to the Institute. She is also active in doing research and rediscovering many traditional Korean recipes which have been lost or in oblivion. She has written numerous books and articles. To cite a few: "Korean Seasonal Food," "Korean Food," "Illustration of Korean Cooking Utensils," and "Modernized Kyuhap Chongseo."